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Feeder reviews Carpe Donut Food Truck. Does Feeder say it belongs in the Best Doughnuts NYC? Read below for the HOLE story.

Carpe Donuts Food Truck - Best Doughnuts NYCBest Doughnuts NYC - Food Truck

FeedMeMore of Carpe Donut?

If you are craving a doughnut and the truck is across the street, then definitely go for it, but keep your mind open because there are other great doughnut shops on this island too!


Best Doughnuts NYC - Apple Cider from Carpe Donut

Feeder’s Experience:

Feeder has been on a roll with the sweet treats lately and we figured why stop now? Named one of the Best Doughnuts of the Year in 2013 by Grub Street, this all natural apple cider doughnut spiked our taste buds’ curiosity. We couldn’t resist the opportunity to test out one of the best doughnuts NYC… duh! Although it isn’t Feeder’s Best Doughnuts NYC, it is still one of the better doughnuts in NYC, so keep reading about the Feeder Experience!

The best way to find a Food Truck’s location for the day is by following their Twitter page. Carpe Donut doesn’t let donut seekers know the location of the food truck until that morning (usually around 7:30 am), which can get annoying, but we went through the Tweets and noted the most common locations for each day.

Monday: South Seaport

Tuesday: Donut Truck’s Day Off

Wednesday: 23rd & Park Ave or South Seaport

Thursday: 51st & Park Ave

Friday: 55th & Broadway

Saturday & Sunday: Brooklyn – Bergen & Court


There may be other doughnuts out there, but Feeder still thinks these are delicious… Read below for the Feeder Experience

Price: $2.25/Doughnut or $11/6 Doughnuts

The first thing you notice about these doughnuts is the sweet smells swirling out of the truck! You would have though a Grandma was baking cinnamon apple pies for the last 8 hours!

Natural Doughnuts NYC at Carpe DonutThe doughnut is fresh, not heavy, but cake-like, and has hints of sweetness
throughout the cake, which is then amplified by the cinnamon sugar that lightly coats the outer crust of the doughnut.

Even better, the doughnut chefs aren’t playing around with those trans-fat, mass produced ingredients. The owners and makers state that the doughnuts are all natural and must be ate within a couple of hours, otherwise they requiring refrigeration. The doughnuts are created with the finest of ingredients including organic flour, local eggs, local apple cider, and organic spices. But, hey, half the things I see at the grocery store are organic these days, right? Carpe Donut just pumped up all nat-u-ral a notches though – the donuts are cooked in 100% pure soybean oil – no hydrogenation, no trans-fat, no shortening! Woohoo! Finally, a dessert that can be enjoyed guilt free!

In comparison, an apple cider cake doughnut is much different than a yeast doughnut covered in icing (like the Dough Loco ones that we love), so don’t have the same taste expectations. Expect the cake to be denser and not as fluffy.

Feeder appreciates these donuts for their organic, natural sweetness and the delectable flavors that are created from such simple ingredients. If you are somebody that enjoys desserts that are not overly sweet, then a Carpe Donut is for you.

What do we really love about this food truck?? The Fro-Do! The Fro-Do is two donuts with Marble Hill Ice Cream packed in the middle! YUM and a perfect treat for the summer heat!

For more Carpe Donut, check out their website here!



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