Best Restaurants – NYC Restaurant Week Summer 2014

NYC RESTAURANT WEEK SUMMER 2014 – Feeder’s Favorite Restaurants – Read and Book a Reservation NOW!

July 21 – August 15

Oh yes, the coveted restaurant week and $25 lunch and $38 dinner menus are back.
The past couple restaurant weeks haven’t been impressive, as they always include the same restaurants. However, NYC Restaurant Week is spicing it up this time! Immediately, I noticed that there were a boatload of new restaurants listed. We can’t wait to share our excitement and Feeder’s Best and Worst of Restaurant Week.

We’ve listed the best and worst menus (in order to get the most bang for your buck) and restaurants that we have been dying to go to… so this is a good excuse to go! The list below is a list of restaurants that we got uber excited to see on the Restaurant Week list.


Best of Restaurant Week - Summer 2014

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Bodega Negra at Dream Hotel: 40.742088, -74.003624
Casa Mono: 40.735894, -73.987136
Costata - 206 Spring St. (Spring St/6 Av): 40.725221, -74.003777
4. Kin Shop - 469 Sixth Ave. (6 Av/11 St): 40.735701, -73.998388
5. Left Bank - 117 Perry St. (Perry St/Greenwich St): 40.735127, -74.006731
The Marrow - 99 Bank St. : 40.736551, -74.006370
Telepan Local - 329 Greenwich St. : 40.717693, -74.010326


New Restaurants Added to the List — And We Are Excited!

1. Bodega Negra at Dream Hotel – 355 W. 16th St. (16 St/9 Av)

An amazing upper scale restaurant in the Dream hotel serving upscale Mexican cuisine. The website alone makes me excited about this restaurant. Not to mention there are pork belly tacos on the appetizer menu. It’s great for a group of friends that want to have an intimate and fun dining experience. This place just makes me feel risque and adventurous.


2. Casa Mono – 52 Irving Pl. (Irving Pl/17 St)

Another classic from Mario Batali, Andy Nusser, and Joe Bastianich serves up Spanish dishes and has been highly praised for its list of wines. Not too mention this place has received a Michelin star for the past five years… Do I really need to say more? The normal menu is pretty pricey, and I’m not going to lie, the restaurant week menu isn’t amazing. It’s still exciting to be on the list though. Nestled in Gramercy/Union Square, this place is always lively with a crowd and hosts a fun atmosphere and turns the food into a real dining experience. I was super stoked when I saw Fried Green Tomatoes on the list, but then I realized that was an entree choice. Like I said before, this isn’t the best bang for your buck, but for $25, I’d go!


3. Costata – 206 Spring St. (Spring St/6 Av)

Chef Michael White brings a steakhouse and pastas to SoHo like no other. This place continually gets good reviews and praises from critics of all kinds. It’s usually a very pricey menu, but not for these three weeks! And unlike Casa Mono, this menu has some real winners! The entrees are definitely the most bang for your buck – they are offering a pasta (which Michael White serves up a great pasta) and a burger!

Best Entree Options: 1) Tagliatelle Cacio a Pepe – black pepper, ribbon pasta, parmigiano;  2) Costata Buger – bacon marmalade, Mcclure’s pickles, american cheese, fries

Now those sound amazing! I would get ressies now… if you even still can… This place is sure to be a restaurant week hit!


4. Kin Shop – 469 Sixth Ave. (6 Av/11 St)

This little Thai place has the whole island talking. kin shop is a contemporary thai restaurant whose name, kin shop, because “kin,” is the thai word for “to eat” and the restaurant is the “kin“ to their acclaimed restaurant perilla, a mere seven-minute walk away. However, they don’t offer an online menu, so I’m slightly skeptical, but their normal menu looks delish and I would probably say that they won’t disappoint for restaurant week either. Book your ressie now!


5. Left Bank – 117 Perry St. (Perry St/Greenwich St)

An interesting restaurant that manifests love and getting to know their customers. They pride themselves on creating dishes that are inspired by local farmers and relationships that they have with their guests. All in all, this seems like a pretty damn cool place. This Greenwich Village restaurant definitely excites us. The normal menu dishes have spices and flavor pairings that makes my mouth start to water… and best thing about this restaurant week pick…. The restaurant week menu consists of options from the regular menu! Check out these dishes that are on both the regular and restaurant week menus (which is a rarity!).

Dishes on both Regular and Restaurant Week Menu:

  1. bavette steak slow cooked tuscan kale, maitre d’butter, normally $27
  2. giant shells nicoise sicilian tuna, olives, egg, pole beans & basil, normally $20
  3. iron roasted split chicken eggplant puree, roasted radish, pine nut & currant, normally $24
  4. pan roasted hake zucchini, potato, capers, bacalao & dill, normally $27

They are also serving up three desserts – Maple syrup pie, chocolate brownie a la mode, and profiteroles – that cost $10 each on the regular menu.

I would say this is one of the best bangs for your buck and not too mention, the restaurant has heart. Take this opportunity to find the love and soul that the chefs have taken the time to put into the dishes at Left Bank. This might quite possibly be my #1 Restaurant Week Choice. 


6. The Marrow – 99 Bank St. (Greenwich/Bank St)

A contemporary German and Italian restaurant that is located in the heart of the West Village. The Marrow happens to be owned and operated by the kin shop chefs and they created a menu featuring homemade macaroni, pan-fried duck-schnitzel, and the signature dish – The Bone Marrow. The regular menu is distinguished and savory, but there is no restaurant week menu available. I don’t think you could go wrong with booking a reservation here, menu or not! So hurry while there is still some reservations open!


7. Telepan Local – 329 Greenwich St. (Greenwich St/Duane St)

It’s sister restaurant, Telepan, in the UWS has certainly sky rocketed and is has received great reviews, but it was only available for lunch options (and come on, who really can take 2 hour lunch breaks?). However, Telepan Local is the downtown debut in Tribeca and should have just as good, if not better menu. The chef is known for locally grown ingredients and catering his menus to seasonal specials. Telepan local serves American fare with seasonal and local flare. There is no restaurant week menu (which is also a bummer), but if it’s anything like their staple menu, then you will be in heaven. I’d get a reservation while you still can!


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