Feeder’s Best of the East 90s

Feeder’s Best of the East 90s!

Mmmbop, da, da, doo bop, …. Just kidding. I meant the Upper East Side 90s, not pop music! The Upper East Side has lots to offer, expanding from everything north of 59th st. up until 96th st. and east of 5th Ave./Central Park to the East River. So, I think it’s easier to break it up into sub sections. This blog will give you a brief glimpse of the best of the 90s – including breakfast, lunch, dinner, and drinks!

Here’s Feeder’s Best of the 90s:



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90: 40.787284, -73.951514
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1. Dough Loco
Pineapple Browned Butter
Pineapple Browned Butter

1261 Park Avenue South, New York, NY, United States
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2. Earl's Beer & Cheese
Earl's Beer & Cheese Kimchi Sandwich
Earl's Beer & Cheese Kimchi Sandwich

1259 Park Avenue South, New York, NY, United States
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Guthrie Inn
3. Guthrie Inn
1259 Park Avenue South, New York, NY, United States




Morning: Dough Loco – 1261 Park Ave, New York, NY 10029

AMAZING DOUGHNUTS. This is a cute, no frills doughnut shop on Park Ave. between 97th and 98th that really tops our list with amazing homemade doughnuts and homemade icing. These aren’t regular doughnuts though; they are about 3x the size of regular doughnuts and still only cost $3.75 (which is amazing). They are plump and the flavors burst in your mouth.
Our favorite flavors: Pineapple Browned Butter, Blueberry with Rosemary & Lime, and Maple Miso.


Best of the East 90s Dough Loco
Blueberry & Maple Miso

The Pineapple Browned Butter may be the best doughnut I’ve ever had! It’s rich, but still light, fluffy, but heavy, savory but sweet, and absolutely delicious!

Not to mention this place serves up Blue Bottle Coffee, one of the best iced coffees — ever! This place is definitely doing it right. They have a few stools inside and a bench outside for seating, which isn’t bad. Friendly service. I also overheard them talking about getting ice cream next week, and one of the flavors – ASPARAGUS! Hmmm, I’m going to have try that one!


Definitely go if you are craving a rich, amazing doughnut!!

Lunch: Earl’s Beer & Cheese – 1259 Park Ave, New York, NY 10029

Nestled next door to Dough Loco, is an amazing, unpretentious craft beer and cheese shop offering various items from kimchi sandwiches to a signature beer cheese spread. This place is great, with unconventional menu items, over the edge decorations, and a wooden communal table for everyone to get cozy. The prices are cheap – around $8 for a sandwich (sadly a beer is around $8 too)….

But this former Momofuku chef is serving up cheese, in all different fashions and he’s doing it low key. It’s a small space, so it can get crowded and I’ve heard its shoulder to shoulder on a weekend night, but come here early in the day for lunch and you’ll have a good spot on the wooden table for yourself and your Rosemary Mac N Cheese.

Wait, Rosemary Mac N Cheese?

Yep!! This mac and cheese is special in itself, as every bite screams Rosemary, but in a delicious way. The Rosemary actually makes the dish feel much lighter (comparatively speaking to most heavy cream dishes), which is great and you can be guilt free about finishing the whole bowl! So go ahead, if in you’re in the neighborhood stop by! It’s good food for a great price – and you can’t beat that!


Our favorite dishes:
Kimchi Sandwich
Beer Cheese Spread & Bread
Rosemary Mac N Cheese


Drinks: The Guthrie Inn – 1259 Park Ave, New York, NY 10029

The Gunthrie Inn is right next to, yes, you guessed it… Earl’s and Dough Loco. It’s another hipster bar that will make you feel like you just stepped on Metropolitan Ave. in Brooklyn, but sometimes that’s exactly what you are looking for! It’s another quirky place with matching quirky décor, but they serve up one heck of a Moscow Mule. It’s not the bartender’s first rodeo there… they know what they are doing. If you want an inconspicuous, well-made drink with some eccentric décor – stop by here. You won’t be let down!


Well, that was a short, but oh so sweet, Feeder Best of the 90’s! Leave a comment with your favorite places in the 90’s and come back and check for new local joints that make the list!

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