Feederie Alert: New Ice Cream Parlor – Morgenstern’s

New Feederie Alert: Morgenstern’s Finest Ice Cream – Quirky, Delictable Ice Cream Infusions


Morgenstern's Ice Cream Parlor

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Morgenstern\'s Ice Cream Parlor 40.721449, -73.992997 Morgenstern\'s Ice Cream Parlor

Morgenstern’s Ice Cream Parlor

Lower East Side – 2 Rivington St. between Bowery & Chrystie St.

I scream, You scream, We all scream for SALTED CARAMEL PRETZEL ICE CREAM.

…And that’s just one of the quirky flavors that this new ice cream parlor is dipping out. If you are looking for new summer flavors at an up-scale ice-cream parlor, this is the place to try! Feeder wanted in the long lines to get a bite of this new treat, and so should you!
This “new american ice cream parlor” is serving up some of the best ice cream with flavors that, well to be honest, we have never heard of! Offering up a plethora of coffee shop flavors such as, Vietnamese Coffee & Coffee Crisp, and nontraditional flavors such as, Strawberry Sassafrass, Black Ass Licorice, and Durian Banana, this place really has executed the flavors well and offers a high quality ice cream!


Don’t be alarmed by the long line. It’s a new joint in the city and NY Times has already offered two articles on the ice cream parlor, which is making it a dessert destination real fast, especially in the summer heat! It’s a cute parlor shop, taking you back to the 50′s, but offers some quirky cartoon photos and a worldwide menu. The ice cream parlor offers traditional vanilla and chocolate flavors with infusions of the finest, most natural ingredients in the standard flavors. They also have specialty flavors and specialty ice cream combos. Honestly, some of them are pretty wacky and not every single one might be a home run (at least not for everyone’s palate), but there’s enough here to keep us satisfied!

We suggest to go with something you already know, you’re bound to love it due to the quality and texture of the ice cream. For one, the bourbon vanilla is AMAZING! It’s so light and not super sweet, but has the right amount of bourbon blended into every bite. Staying with something on the safer side will allow you to enjoy the ice cream and have appreciation for the quality and natural flavors.

Going with a flavor on the riskier side, such as durian, may be a risky bet if you don’t know what durian is… Durian is often coined the world’s stinkiest fruit ! Yum, eh? It doesn’t smell great and is a controversial fruit noted by many, but this ice cream parlor immaculately folds the flavor in with strawberry and banana to create an ice-cream that made Feeder’s taste buds explode!

Overall, this place is pretty cool if you are looking for something non-traditional and high quality. However, it does come at a price. One dip (or one scoop) is $4 and it’s not a large portion. But for the quality of ice cream and natural, obscure ingredients, it’s probably worth $4. Some of the other items on the menu, such as the Salted Caramel Pretzel will cost you a pretty $13. I’d say stick to a dip or two and try the exotic ice cream flavors that they have to offer!


It’s summer, it’s hot, and you know you want some Burnt Honey Vanilla ice cream… or maybe some Peppermint Vanilla! So go get your dip today!!!

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